Welcome, 2019!

Happy New Year Celebration Text with Festive Gold Fireworks Collage in Night Sky

I welcome 2019 and all it has to offer. I am happy for the new beginning, grateful for the chance to continue what I love to do and joyous on the adventure that is to come.

I hope you will allow me through Blackwell Mobile Notary to serve your notary needs in 2019.


I am so thankful for my health. I am thankful for my beautiful children, my freedom, my strength, my birth in this time period. I am thankful for possessing a skill that’s is useful and allows me to meet many different individuals that I in my shell wouldn’t normally. I am thankful for renewed grace and strength, and mercy.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

All in your business ( The questions you encounter on our first call)


The initial call for a general notary appointment can seem very invasive. I am going to ask a lot of questions to gauge what I will be doing as well as whether my services are sufficient for you. Feel free to ask me any questions as well.
Some of the questions you will encounter are:

Where are you located (state) – this is related to pricing and can determine where we are meeting

What document is needing to be notarized?-everything can’t be notarized or performed in every state. I can’t certify a copy in MD, I cannot notarize any document issued by the vital records (birth cert, death cert, marriage license)

Does it have notarial wording on the document?- this will determine if I need to bring the wording with me or not

If not, what option would you like? (jurat vs. acknowledgment vs. signature witness)

Do you have a religious preference ( oath vs. affirmation)

How many signers are needing to sign?- this affects cost and time allocated for this signing

Will all signers be present at this appointment? Again a logistical question

What location will we meet at? – I can scout and find a public location or a library to meet if not comfortable with meeting at your home or work. I am flexible and we can even meet on the hood of my car!

Do you have a valid Picture ID (Driver’s License, ID, Passport)- I have to verify who you are and that the photo matches. I will examine this once in hand and I am transitioning to an online log, called NotaryAct. I will ask for your consent to photograph the ID as well for my log if it is taken electronically. You will still have to sign, and give me information that I am to keep secured and under wraps by law.

Once we speak there might be other issues or questions. Please keep an open mind and understand I am attempting to help you, to protect you as well as myself and uphold the integrity of the notary public’s role in fraud protection.

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